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John's  2001 Joe Nall Award


Meet one of  my Designs, "Waldo"

 The DragonFly

The "DragonFly" is a "WEEKS SOLUTION," sporting a 3.5 "D & B TWIN," Radio by "Futaba," with over 1,000 pieces of monocoat covering it.
   Solution "Dragonfly"

Roanoke Valley R.C. Show, Roanoke, VA:
     Best Giant (IMAA) in Show
     Best Film Covering

     2nd Place Sport Biplane
     3rd Place Best Monocoat

Monocoat "Cover Like A Champion" Design Contest:
     1st Place

Prizes won:
         4 Plaques
         3 Radios (all 6 channels)
         Top Flight Giant Corsair Kit
         U.S. Engines 41cc Gas Engine
         6 Rolls of Monocoat


- 1999
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FutabaHobby Radio Links
FUTJ10++ 2PB W/MC210CB ELEC SPEED CTL $ 102.95
FUTJ20 2PC 3003JE PG 2 S3003 $ 71.95
FUTJ21 2PCKA 148J (2) S3003 $ 94.95
FUTJ22 2PC 1 S3003 MC210CB $ 104.95
FUTJ23 2PCKA S3003 & MC210B $ 129.95
FUTJ32 3PJF FM $ 299.95
FUTJ35 3PD FM 2/S3003 $ 204.95
FUTK02 ATTACKR 2CR 2 S3003 $ 49.95
FUTK02** 2CR AM W/2 33032 STICK $ 51.95

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