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 New Use for Old TV's
 Tonight's Feature is the 49 Mercury in a TV
See the fine article  on John's full custom 1949 Mercury that won the International 
Modelers Guild Modelrama Championship in 1964: themodelcarmuseum.org/

The 49 Mercury and a younger John, 
photo taken "back in the day," 1964
The same 49 Mercury with a more recent John
List of Features

Exterior Features:

    * Quad headlights with bubble lenses
    * Rolled pans, front and rear
    * Corvette grille
    * Dechromed body
    * Tunneled antenna
    * Frenched taillights with Caddy bullet lenses
    * One piece front and rear windows
    * Doors opened
    * Candy apple red over gold base


    * Color television set
    * Complete set of tools and custom tire cover
    * Interior gas filler

Interior Features:

    * Opened glove box
    * Console with gearshift, tach and television
    * Swivel bucket seats
    * Retractable seat belts
    * Bullet-shaped domelight
    * Ford XL style door safety lights
    * Custom headrests

Engine Compartment:

    * Chrysler Hemi
    * Six-log intake
    * Chrome horns
    * Mirror under hood


    * All running gear "chrome"plated
    * Quick change rear
    * Lowered front end
    * Chrome mag wheels with knockoffs
    * Hand-formed/chromed exhaust pipes

Operating Features (23 light bulbs):

    * Trunk lights, trunk TV
    * Courtesy and door lights
    * TV (with sound)
    * Back up and brake lights
    * Front and rear single lights (from steering column)
    * Tachometer
    * Headlights: high and low beam
    * Horn
    * Engine fan spins (Atlas HO motor)
    * Smoking exhaust 

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